Terms Of Service

If you commission me, or if you have commissioned me in the past, you are obligated to follow these rules. Failure to do so will result in a blacklist.

  • Commissions take anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks. This time depends on my own schedule, as I have family and job commitments.
  • Payment must be received first before any part of the commission is done, regardless of complexity or price.

  • Commissions will be delivered through email once finished, and you have permission to use them as you wish as long as you give credit back to me, the original artist.

  • If immediate communication is required, email is the best way to get a responce as quickly as possible. Any "Read" reciepts on social media are not a valid or reliable way to tell if I've seen your message, or if I will respond. I will respond to DMs when I have time. Please email me if I have failed to communicate within a weeks time of message.

  • Any modification to the piece that includes tracing, erasing of the signature, or defacing of the piece is strictly prohibited.

  • If you would like to print the piece, I ask that you inform me, so I may give permission.

  • All terms and conditions must be followed and respected or the commission will be cancelled with no refund.

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